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Relationship Support Officer – BANK WINDHOEK



Provide an efficient support function to enable the Commercial Manager to focus on Relationship Management, advise and selling of products. Countable for a defined portfolio of clients, ensuring all Bank’s products, services, and resources in order to support and maximise the value of the business relationship.

Key Performance Areas (KPAs):

Strategic Focus

  • Support the RM for proactively understanding the Clients’ strategic direction and long term needs as well as the opportunities and threats to the Clients.
  • Support the RM for developing and nurturing strategic relationships with the Clients to ensure that the strategy and business objectives of the Client and the Bank are achieved.
  • Continually strive for an superior client orientated culture
  • Continually recommends improvements and adaptations to existing systems, processes and structures in order to ensure current and future viability of Business Banking.

Business Acumen and Market Understanding:

  • Responsible for being aware and has an intimate understanding of the activities of the traditional and non-traditional competitors and the impact on Business Banking’s relationship with the Client.
  • Responsible for developing an intimate understanding of the clients’ industry and business, analysing their modus operandi, management practices, judgement of various influential decision makers, and market conditions affecting the long-term viability of the business and industry sector.
  • Responsible for utilising information management systems and processes to pre-empt selling opportunities and identify opportunities and threats to Clients and the Bank.
  • Ensure that this knowledge is effectively used to continually provide information to ensure that the products and services of the Bank meet the needs of the Client and stay abreast with world best practice.

Client Profitability and Risk Management

  • Responsible for conforming to the Bank’s risk policies and procedures; monitoring markets and pre-empting risk for both the Client and the Bank; demonstrating a general understanding of all areas of risk associated with Business Banking clients, products and services.
  • Responsible for drawing on information and input from reliable sources (network) to decide on strategies to meet their clients’ needs; working closely with Branch and Credit to initiate business deal proposals for new facilities, or facility modifications that require the assessment of credit or other risk, and motivates the deal with insightful information regarding business strengths and vulnerabilities.
  • Supportive but also responsible for contributing intimate knowledge of the client, to the function of risk assessment, and providing insights into mitigating or cautionary factors to the risk assessment specialists (via liaison with Manager, Credit in the preparation of board papers).
  • Responsible for proactively and timeously identifying potential problem accounts and formulating appropriate risk mitigating strategies.

Relationship Building

  • Fully accountability for the relationship with the Client together with the RM, across al hierarchical levels
  • Responsible for identifying a “champion” within the Client’s business and fostering the relationship to ensure leading edge information about the Client’s business objectives, opportunities and threats.
  • Establish credibility and overall profitability for the Bank and the Client by the skillful application of specialist knowledge to deal with diverse Client environments and provide qualified leads to relevant areas within the Bank e.g. Branch, Treasury, and Specialist Finance.
  • Responsible for building relationships across all hierarchical levels within and outside the Bank in order to develop a credible and relevant network, to ensure leading edge financial and market information

Success indicators

  • Portfolio customer acquisition, revenue and turnaround targets are met
  • Low dormancy/attrition – Customer retention targets are exceeded.
  • Consistent high service scores achieved on the portfolio with strong word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Satisfactory audit/ compliance/routine control assessments.
  • Low error rate as a result of accurate and efficient service, good knowledge of customer requirements, good understanding of private banker expectations, good product knowledge and understanding of bank processes and systems.
  • Speed, accuracy and quality with which instructions are carried out.

Job Requirements:

Experience/Knowledge & Skills:

  • 3/5 Years banking experience, specifically within the Business Banking environment.
  • At least six months experience within the Credit environment.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of banking financial services mechanisms and the entire range of products and services useful to corporate organisations, with knowledge of their mechanisms, client benefits, limitations, profitability to the bank, and value in developing strategically long term business relationships.
  • Utilise this knowledge to identify cross selling opportunities and identify the relevant resources within the Bank to optimise these selling opportunities
  • 3 Years practical experience in relationship management principles and practice.
  • Group dynamics and team building skills.
  • Good communication and relationship facilitation skills
  • Good calculation, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Self-confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Computer literate
  • Be able to handle confidential / sensitive information with discretion
  • Be able to do credit applications independently


  • A Commerce degree or equivalent

Closing Date: 29 January 2022



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