Company Swakop Uranium
Reference # SU-VAC-143
Published 03/01/2022
Contract Type Permanent
Location Swakopmund, Erongo Region, Namibia
To control operations in the warehouse and supervise the receiving, storing, distribution of goods and supplies in the most effective and efficient manner, in order to meet the Warehouse operations objectives.
Job Functions Warehousing
Industries Mining
Key Performance Areas:
•Perform duties to ensure the smooth operation of the warehouse, through planning and adequate manning on a day to day basis.
•Coordinate and oversee end user logistics, planning and warehouse service level delivery.
•Supervise warehouse staff duties on a daily basis to ensure the fulfillment of these duties, and makes suggestions when needed for a better and improved working environment.
•Reduce shrinkage in the warehouse and instill a culture of honesty, trustworthiness and accountability, including security control and combating shrinkage.
•Review storage practices to assess security requirements on an ad hoc basis.
•Develop and implement appropriate security measures.
•Supervise forklift and pallet jack operations, counting, weighing and identifying of goods and supplies meant for distribution.
•Ensure optimal utilization of capital resources (e.g. forklift, LDVs, etc.).
•Ensure optimal warehouse utilization through evaluating bin location usage and optimizing physical process flow.
•Ensure correct and timeous binning and issuing.
•Monitor quantity requirements and address inabilities.
•Assist in the handling of obsolete stock.
•Ensure legal compliance to hazardous chemicals and materials, test certificates and flash point certificates.
•Prepare and submit reports to management on a weekly and monthly basis.
•Engage the relevant stakeholders in taking corrective steps regarding insufficient contract usage.
•Coordinate staff resource allocation through analysis of expected demand.
•Motivate, coach and develop staff in the performance of warehousing and related service activities, with the aim of enhancing performance.
•Maintain an accurate amount of inventory in the stores.
•Schedule and implement cycle counting in accordance with the prescribed policy.
•Perform reconciliation upon completion of cycle counting.
•Maintain established pickup and delivery schedules and the inter-company transfer, distribution and transportation of goods and supplies.
•Motivate and obtain approval to effect the required corrections to inventory.
•Maintain information on open orders with suppliers and Company departments.
•Control the receipt of stock in order to maintain efficiency within the warehouse.
•Control stock through ordering and regular stock counts.
•Ensure ad hoc reconciliation of hazardous chemicals and materials, i.e. fuels, explosives commodities.
•Take correct action against negative inventory balance rework.
•Coordinate the smooth running of the warehouse, by controlling processes of inbound control and stock control and handling.
•Maintain control of inventory records systems to ensure an adequate supply of goods and a proper inventory turnover.
•Maintain records of goods (materials, items, equipment) and supplies and attend to stock procurement queries.
•Provide an efficient and effective service to customers.
•Provide an efficient and effective service through the process of Vendor Management.
•Coordinate issuing queries for Vendor held stock.
Requirements and experience:
•Grade 12
•Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain / Materials Management or related field.
•3 years’ materials management experience.
•Valid Code B/BE Driver’s License.
Job Closing Date 10/01/2022