Date:  04-May-2022
Location:  Swakopmund, NA
Company:  O&L Leisure (Pty) Ltd
Job Grade:  B5


Incumbent will be responsible for checking front office accounting records for accuracy and, on a daily basis, summarizes and compiles information for the hotel’s financial records. S/he will track room revenue, occupancy percentages, and other front office operating statistics. Prepares a summary of cash, check, and credit card activities, reflecting the hotel’s financial performance for the day.



  • Diploma in Hotel Management or Accounting
  • 2 years’ experience in a similar position
  • Knowledge of the Opera and Micros System
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of principles of auditing, balancing, and closing out accounts.



  • Prints up and files reservations for the next business day.
  • Monitors the status of vouchers, discount, and other promotional programs.
  • Run end of day process in property management software (PMS).
  • Posts room charges and taxes to guest accounts.
  • Processes guest charges voucher and credit card vouchers.
  • Transfer charges and deposits to master accounts.
  • Checks to see that all charges are assigned to the appropriate departments.
  • Verify that all transactions performed at the front desk are supported by documentary evidence and signatures as necessary and that they have been correctly posted and allocated into PMS system.
  • To verify that all charges posted from the POS Software, SPA software had reached the correct guest folios and not missing.
  • Verifies all account postings and balances.
  • Verifies that room rates are correct and posts those rates to guest account,
  • Tracks room revenues, occupancy percentages, and other front office statistics.
  • Prepares a summary of cash, check, and credit card activities.
  • Summarizes results of operations for management.
  • Record, store, access, and/or analyse computerized financial information.
  • Prepare of End of day procedure and complete Night Audit Checklist
  • Respond to guest needs, special requests and complaints and alert the appropriate manager as needed