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Construction Safety Officer – AFRICA PERSONNEL SERVICES


Job Specifications:

Management Responsibilities

  • Co-ordinate the company’s health and safety, fire prevention and general security in every possible way and to advise and support line management, who carry the direct and ultimate responsibility in all aspects of accident prevention.
  • Ensuring that all statutory requirements that have a bearing on Health, Safety, Fire Prevention and general Security are complied with.
  • Ensuring that Company Standard Procedures and Policies are complied with and that good public Client and Subcontractors relations are maintained.
  • Promote the formation of a health and safety committee. (If Applicable)
  • Ensure Site hygiene standards are maintained at acceptable high standards to prevent spreading of diseases, possibility of food poisoning and general decline of health of employees through an ongoing plant hygiene facility program.
  • Promote the formation of an Ergonomic and Audiometric awareness program.
  • Ensure safe operation of site transport through pro-active planning and action of a drivers program.
  • Ensure maintenance and promotion of health in the work environment through full utilisation of the potential of the Occupational Health Nurse.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Formulate, administer and make necessary changes and rules which are not inconsistent with the relevant Acts, as they apply for the maintenance of discipline and safety in consultation with management and Client.
  • Maintain and submit safety records, data sheets and statistics as directed by the Project Manager.
  • Where it is not a function of the Client, maintain and regularly update the Site Safety Board.
  • Ensure induction training and safety training for all employees is carried out.

Technical Responsibilities

  • Regularly audit site health, safety, hygiene, general well being and security.
  • Maintain accident-recording system according to Company Standards, Procedures and Policies.
  • Making personal inspections for the purpose of discovering and correcting unsafe work processes.
  • Responsible for general health and safety, fire prevention, housekeeping and security on site.
  • Ensure that sub-contractors operate in accordance with stated policies, standards and procedures.
  • Setting standards for safety equipment.
  • Ensure that you are familiar with the contents of Standard Practice Systems for Loss Control and Safety, Safe Work Procedures (SWP) and the Site Rules for Contractors Procedure.
  • Maintain good Client/Contractor relations through example setting and leadership in the field of safety.

General Responsibilities Pertaining to Sites

  • You are responsible for assisting Construction Manager to develop, implement and manage safety, health, hygiene and well being of employees together with an environmental program within the construction site where personnel can work in a safe, secure environment and where all forms of safety to Company assets and personnel are effectively policed.
  • Safety Health Hygiene and personnel are primarily the responsibility of the line manager responsible for the project concerned and such managers cannot abrogate their responsibilities for protecting the company’s assets which include people.
  • You are to carry out regular safety audits, safety walks and monitor the performance all round to ensure standards are maintained.
  • Assist the Project Manager and CM in implementing on the job safety inductions, toolbox talks and safety meetings.
  • Investigate all Incidents/Accidents with a view to establishing the cause and instituting necessary remedial actions.
  • Submit reports, return and statistics timeously.
  • Carry out regular checks both day and night to ensure safety standards and correct supervision is in place.
  • Submit recommendations to management regarding problem areas.
  • Maintain constant liaison with all contractors, sub-contractors with the aim of winning their support and trust.
  • Assist with Safe Work Procedures and Hazard Studies.
  • Maintain a high profile in the field.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must have 5 years experience

Send you application to:

Email: cv@aps.com.na

Closing Date: 23 June 2022


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