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Commercial Diving Supervisor – AFRICA PERSONNEL SERVICES

Location: Luderitz | Deadline: November 01, 2022


Job Specifications:

A professional diving supervisor is the person legally responsible for the health and safety of the personnel engaged in a professional diving operation. The supervisor is appointed for a specific operation by the diving contractor, and has the following responsibilities during that operation:

  • to ensure that the planned operation is carried out as far as it is reasonably practicable.
    • without unacceptable risk to the health and safety of all those taking part in that operation and of any other person who may be affected by the operation;
    • in accordance with the requirements and prohibitions of any relevant laws or regulations;
    • in accordance with the relevant authorised code of practice;
    • in accordance with the company operations manual; and
    • in accordance with the diving project plan.
  • to ensure that relevant hazard identification and risk assessment has been carried out for the project, to update it to suit the actual conditions on site, to communicate the findings of such HIRA to all members of the diving team, and ensure that it is understood and accepted by the affected parties before diving operations commence.
  • to ensure that all affected parties are aware that the diving operation is imminent, and that all required signals, notifications, lock-out and tag-out procedures are in place;
  • to ensure before starting the operation that everyone taking part is aware of requirements of the diving project plan which relate to that operation and that person;
  • to ensure that all members of the diving team are medically fit for the work they are allocated, suitably qualified, in-date and registered, as applicable, and competent to do the scheduled work with the allocated equipment.
  • to ensure that all pre-dive preparations and checks have been satisfactorily completed;
  • to instruct the working diver to enter the water to start the dive;
  • to monitor the progress of the diving operation and condition of the divers, and to manage gas supply, communications and decompression;;
  • to call a stop to operations and recall the diver if circumstances warrant;
  • To instruct the stand-by diver to enter the water and go to the assistance of the working diver if needed;
  • to record the relevant details of the operation;
  • to maintain a personal logbook of supervision of diving operations;
  • to ensure that the details of any recompression therapy are recorded in the logbook of the diver;
  • to be available throughout the diving operation to deal with any emergencies related to that operation; and
  • to manage any emergencies that may occur during the diving operation.

Job Requirements:

  • Grade 12
  • Class III Supervisor certification
  • Must have experience in Deco Drill schedule, inventory management and maintenance routine
  • Preference will be given to someone with diving training experience.

Please submit your curriculum vitae and certified copies of qualifications with a cover letter clearly indicating the position you are applying for to e-mail:

Email: ludmanager@aps.com.na

Closing Date: 01 November 2022


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