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Operator: Reagents & Utilities – SWAKOP URANIUM

Operator: Reagents & Utilities
Reference # SU-VAC-165
Published 18/05/2022
Contract Type Permanent
Location Swakopmund, Erongo Region, Namibia
Operate the Reagents & Utilities Plant and associated equipment in a safe and efficient manner as set out in all operating procedures, to ensure minimum downtime and compliance to SHERQ standards and procedures.
Job Functions Operator
Industries Mining
Specification Key Performance Areas:
•Start and stop the Reagents & Utilities Plant sequence and related equipment.
•Adhere to the set KPI’s for the section, monitor plant performance and throughput and check that the set plant parameters are met at all times.
•Charge reagent bags to fill up and maintain healthy silo levels, making up of all reagents and constant supply to recipient sections.
•Monitor air compressors including air dryers.
•Fill up and maintain healthy levels of all process solution pond levels and tanks.
•Operate various auxiliary equipment such as forklift, overhead hoist, telehandler and bobcats.
•Sample according to procedures to identify poor efficiency and rectify deficiencies.
•Inspect and monitor all field equipment and report readings and findings.
•Clear and unblock pumps, sumps, valves and pipe lines.
•Lockout and isolate equipment according to the Lockout and isolation procedures and verify that all energy sources are isolated before work can commence.
•Make sure that the assigned work is completed, equipment tested and housekeeping done before a PTW what is PTW?? is signed off.
•Inspect work areas to ensure compliance to lock out and isolation procedures.
•Report all safety and environmental non-conformances.
•Attend and contribute to daily safety talks and monthly meetings.
•Conduct risk assessments daily before commencing with any work.
•Report all substandard equipment and follow up to ensure compliance.
•Demarcate all unsafe areas and complete near miss report and follow up on all actions to make the area safe.
•Make sure that all employees entering the Reagents & Utilities Plant area are wearing the correct PPE as set out in the procedure.
•Clean the Reagents & Utilities section and always maintain good housekeeping standards.
•Clean tanks, sumps, trenches, dust collectors, vessels and process solution ponds when required or when on maintenance.
•Conduct regular plant inspections and identify any substandard equipment.
•Inspect equipment and report any abnormalities and defects.
•Conduct daily inspection of all emergency equipment and report any defect immediately.
•Inspect mobile equipment before using it and report defects immediately.
•Check and clean strainers and filters when required or as per schedule.
• Report any items that are not fixed, or safety concerns.
•Fill in the daily inspection sheets.
•Complete all equipment log sheets required during the shift.
•Log all operational and maintenance deviations in the shift report.
•Liaise with the Control Room Team to obtain process information for decision making and to report all field deviations.
•Report any emergency situation to the Supervisors.
•Assist in other areas when major breakdowns are experienced.
Requirements Requirements and experience:
•Grade 12
•One year relevant working experience
•Knowledge of Plant Operations
•Valid Code B/BE Driver’s License.
Job Closing Date Mon May 30 2022



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